On May 22nd, K-Form hosted a meeting of the Northern Virginia SolidWorks User Group (NOVASWUG). First, I would like to thank everyone who attended. We had good turnout with half a dozen companies represented. TriMech gave a presentation on the thermal analysis capabilities of SolidWorks Flow Simulation. Although simulation is a deep topic, the presentation showed some impressive capabilities applicable to NOVASWUG members.

SolidWorks Flow is a robust computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool fully embedded with SolidWorks 3D CAD. Like many organizations in Northern Virginia, K-Form designs electronics enclosures. As electronics evolve, the components become smaller. The packaging becomes smaller which condenses heat loads. Other requirements can pose challenges. Tactical applications often do not have the luxury of fan cooling. Advanced cooling solutions like thermoelectric modules, heat pipes, and liquid-cooling compound the calculation difficulty. SolidWorks Flow has the ability to complete robust analysis of fluid flow (including fans) and heat transfer.

Again, Special thanks to TriMech and members. We will have another meeting in mid-July. Please check the NOVASWUG group on LinkedIn for more details.

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