K-Form manufacturing started as a general machine shop. We grew in size and capabilities. Today, K-Form specializes in meeting the unique requirements of the Aerospace and Defense markets. Despite our specialization, we have the opportunity to serve many industries. K-Form works with all industries requiring precision components and assemblies.


Aerospace manufacturing is a large and diverse market. A growing segment of K-Form prototyping and contract manufacturing work is Aerospace. We see this as a natural extension of K-Form defense manufacturing. The markets and customers often overlap. Aerospace often requires more stringent process and quality standards.

Aerospace Manufacturing Highlights

  • ISO 9001 Registered
  • First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) using our portable CMM
  • On-Machine Probing
  • 5-Axis Machining
  • ITAR Registered

Example Aerospace Projects

  • Flight-qualified Rack-mount Enclosures
  • ATR Enclosures
  • UAV Components
  • Turbines
  • Prop Blades


Manufacturers generally start as local concerns serving the industry of immediate area. K-Form is located in Northern Virginia. Our proximity to Washington D.C. and prime contractors influenced our growth. Although we started as a general machine shop, K-Form is now well-equipped to handle the unique requirements and challenges of defense manufacturing. From space to underwater systems, K-Form has a proven track record. We have a history of performance supporting critical programs. We offer a wide range of capabilities from prototype to production.

Defense Manufacturing Highlights

  • ISO 9001 Registered
  • ITAR Registered
  • Short Lead Times
  • Approved Vendor to Prime Contractors
  • Ideal location (Minutes from Dulles Airport)
  • Cleared Personnel
  • First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) with CMM

Example Defense Manufacturing Projects

  • Rugged Computing Enclosures
  • Tactical Radios
  • Mission-Critical Networking
  • Shipboard, Rugged Power
  • Shipboard Equipment Racks
  • Custom Tempest Products
  • Underwater Sensor Enclosure
  • Mobile, Deployable Operational Shelters

K-Form can manufacture a single bracket or a complete mechanical assembly.