Shroud Shielded Enclosure

K-Form RF shielded enclosures protect critical systems around the world. Not every location has the same requirements. Infrastructure may require few pieces of equipment in many locations. The need to protect a small amount of rack mount equipment lead K-Form to develop the Shroud.

The Shroud provides 7 rack units of space in a small wall-mount footprint. The small size is perfect for distributed systems in office environments. Segregating several servers in a mixed environment is an example. Ensuring signal security of non-TEMPEST network equipment, like COTS switches. is another example. The Shroud provides the same world-class RF shielding performance as our full-size shielded enclosure. The larger door features a gas shock lift. This enables easy access for installation and maintenance.


  • High Shielding Effectiveness
  • Wall-Mountable
  • Locking Features
  • Gas Shock Lift Doors
  • 10A or 20A Power
  • Customized I/O Panel
    • Fiber Optic Waveguides
    • N Connectors
    • SMA Connectors
    • Custom Data Solutions