RF Shielding Products

For decades, K-Form has worked collaboratively with customers to solve product development challenges. The same collaborative problem solving efforts drive our internal product development, assisting us to create superior products. K-Form realized a market need for RF shielding products in the early nineties. This quickly lead to the development of our own line of RF/EMI shielded racks. Today, K-Form offers a range of solutions for RF/EMI shielding requirements. We rigorously test the attenuation of our products through in-house, third-party, and customer-side certifications. K-Form products support mission critical systems. We understand the value of RF attenuation performance.

What is RF Shielding?

Radio Frequency is a term used to describe the range of frequencies between 3 kHz and 300 GHz on the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio frequency (RF) shielding involves the design and construction of enclosures and components for the purpose of attenuating (reducing) the transmission of magnetic, electric, plane wave, and microwave fields to eliminate RF interference or unauthorized surveillance (TEMPEST). RF shielding products confine RF electromagnetic radiation inside or sealed out of a device. RF shielding components are typically designed to perform within a specific range of frequencies.

Custom RF Shielded Enclosures

Meet the toughest requirements

Paladin RF Shielded Rack

High Attenuation, Lightweight RF Shielded Rack

Sentinel RF Shielded Rack

High performance with up to 40kW of cooling

Shroud Shielded Enclosure

Wallmount Shielded Enclosure