Contract Manufacturing of Machined Enclosure

K-Form blends world-class manufacturing services with experience-driven design services to offer value. We are a low volume manufacturer producing precision parts with high levels of quality.

  • Returns: <.1% (2010)
  • Tolerances:  .005″ typical, .0005″ capable
  • Design capabilities (SolidWorks)
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • ITAR compliant

Customer Success

Driving customer success is a primary goal. Large organizations have purchased nine of our top ten customers due to growth. We view customer success as a reflection on the services we provide whether that service is simply manufacturing or collaborative product development. K-Form gives customers the ability to scale operations from concept to prototype to production.

Prototyping Services

K-Form has the experience and capability to transform customer projects from concept to production. Not every contract manufacturer can provide this full spectrum of manufacturing service. Many manufacturers will only take on mature projects with production volumes. Prototyping services is integral to our vision. We collaborate with customers to develop and realize products. This vision sets K-Form apart from our competitors. Learn More

Contract Manufacturing

K-Form has a broad range of precision manufacturing capabilities. This range allows us to better serve our customers. K-Form offers higher quality and lower overall lead times by coordinating operations from start to finish. We break the perception of a traditional machine shop or job shop. K-Form offers service consolidation. Engineers and purchasers benefit from the “one-stop shopping” of our comprehensive services. Learn More

Design Services

Experience-driven design capabilities provide solutions to customer challenges. Our background as manufactures provide a unique perspective to the design and prototype process. K-Form understands realization. We specialize in solving the challenges particular to high tech and defense product development including EMI shielding, shock, and vibration. Learn More