Design Services

30 years of serving the aerospace, defense, and high-tech markets gives K-Form the design and manufacturing experience to deliver practical application of electronic packaging concepts to meet diverse customer project requirements. Digital manufacturing technologies, such as implementation of 3D CAD/CAM systems, allow K-Form to transform these product designs into a completed prototype design within a relatively short period. This service contributes to our mission of aiding creative professionals, such as engineers and designers, to realize product.

Rugged Machined Chassis

K-Form designs and machines rugged chassis for mission critical computing.


  • Solve design problems with proven solutions
  • Increase capabilities without hiring full-time
  • Process embedded manufacturing quality
K-form services have helped numerous organizations to meet rising challenges. We are proud to have seen our partners grow.

Concept Modeling

K-Form uses SolidWorks Premium to parametrically model components and products in 3D. This means we can deliver your product concept as a realistic visualization while generating the proper information for later analysis, drafting, and manufacture.

Design Optimization

Aside from initial development projects, K-Form also works collaboratively with customers to optimize existing design information. This service allows products to meet new, rigorous requirements or receive aesthetic updates.


Tolerance and Fit

K-Form brings the manufacturing perspective to the design process. Unnecessary levels of precision generate waste translating to extended lead times and higher costs. The design process will determine what is value.

Thermal Analysis

Cooling is an essential concern in packaging and electronics cooling. K-Form balances industry experience and information technology to deliver practical solutions to the product development process.

Stress Analysis

K-Form employs SolidWorks Simulation to conduct preliminary analysis of designs before prototyping. This service improves the decision-making process resulting in high quality product designs. Environmental testing of prototypes, such as MIL-STD-810 or DO-160, takes place in approved test laboratories.


Detailed Drawings

Harness the complete power of 3D CAD modeling through associative mechanical drawings. As the model changes, the linked drawing is able to automatically update. K-Form keeps manufacturing in focus as we develop the drawings virtually eliminating costly delays.

Convert Legacy Data

Transform legacy paper, PDF, or AutoCAD drawings into modern 3D model formats (SolidWorks native or CAD neutral). 3D CAD allows K-Form to perform complex design analysis and to quickly manufacture components through Esprit CAM.


Engineering Change Management

After prototyping and subsequent manufacturing, product data often requires small changes. K-Form offers continued design support through an ISO 9001 documented Engineering Change Request (ECR) process.

Configuration Management

K-Form uses SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to maintain control of design data. The system prevents conflicting information through a check-out process allowing concurrent work by multiple people.

Technical Publications

K-Form offers solutions from simple assembly documentation to complex technical manuals. Documentation will use the same information generated for concept and manufacture ensuring complete coherence.

Presentation Materials

Leverage the power of 3D CAD for presenting product concepts to potential customers and investors without the expense of prototyping. K-Form can provide realistic images, models, or animation sequences of customer concepts. The advantage to developing in SolidWorks is the seamless transition to detail design and additive manufacturing.

Bill of Materials

  • Manufacturing BOM
  • Hardware BOM