Laser Cutting Services

Offering Precision laser cutting services allows K-Form to manufacture components from a variety of materials with reduced setup and changeover time. Even parts with complex edges and features are CNC programmed quickly. Quick setup and flexibility is integral to our low-volume strategy supporting the Aerospace and Defense markets.

We have provided laser cutting services to the Washington D.C. Metro Area since 1994 making K-Form one of the region’s most experienced manufactures in this process. K-Form also offers punch press and waterjet cutting which present a complete processing range for fabrication.

Laser Cutting Advantages

  • Process wide range of materials
  • Cut complex shapes
  • Quick setup

Laser Cutting Materials

  • Aluminum (up to 3/16”)
  • Stainless Steel (up to 1/4”)
  • Steel (up to 3/8”)
  • Wood

Fast Setup

The simplicity of profile cutting reduces setup time. Unlike punching or milling, laser cutting does not use a series of tools to produce features but a single beam. K-Form adjusts lenses, gas, and power based on material type and/or thickness. CNC programming is done directly from CAD in minimal time. This makes laser an excellent choice for prototyping.

In 2007, K-Form added waterjet cutting services to complement our laser cutting service. The waterjet can process materials which are outside the range of feasibility or safety on the laser.