Precision CNC Machining

K-Form precision CNC machining service manufactures components for a variety of industries including Defense and Aerospace. CNC machining centers are driven by experienced staff and the latest CAD/CAM systems to produce tight-tolerance, high-quality parts with short lead times.

The K-Form machining department produces 1000s of unique part numbers in low-volume quantity every year. This requires us to develop strong quality processes and experienced personnel. Our focus on low-volume manufacturing makes K-Form an ideal choice for demanding prototype requirements.

RF Aluminum Machining

The K-Form Difference

All machine shops claim to manufacture quality parts on schedule. No self-respecting business would state otherwise.

Continual Improvement – Year after year, K-Form pushes forward with new technologies improving quality and creating new capability. K-Form operates an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system. See our business blog or twitter feed for recent improvements.

Quick Reaction Capability – Custom machined parts with 2-3 month deliveries was standard 30 years ago. Current requirements push 2-3 weeks as a normal schedule. We fully expect customers to request ever faster delivery schedules. Our responsibility is to refine processes to meet demand, delivering what few else can.

Project Approach – Since K-Form also offers product development services, we are able to approach “job shop” manufacturing tasks from a more holistic project perspective. At the customer’s request, we can incorporate assembly fit checks of manufacturing and purchased components to ensure design intent.

In-house Secondary Operations – Many machine shops rely on outside contracted services for common customer requirements such as sheet metal fabrication, chemical conversion coating (Iridite) or even painting. K-Form brings most services in-house allowing for shorter lead times and consistent quality.

CNC Vertical Mills

Machining Facility List

CNC Vertical Milling Centers

Haas VF-5/TR (2)
  • 5-Axis Continuous or Positional Cutting
  • 38″ x 26″ x 25″ Travel
  • 23” Rotary Part Clearance
Haas VF-2/SS (3)
  • 30″ x 16″ x 20″ Travel
  • 12K RPM Spindle
Haas VF-2
  • 30″ x 16″ x 20″ cutting envelope
  • 10K RPM Spindle

CNC Turning Centers

Haas SL-10
  • 6K RPM Chuck
  • 11” maximum holding diameter x 14” cutting length
Haas HL-4
  • 3.4K RPM chuck
  • 14.5” maximum holding diameter x 34” cutting length

Manual Machining

  • Assorted Kneemills
  • Manual Lathes