Prototyping Services

K-Form has the experience and capability to transform customer projects from concept to production. Not every contract manufacturer can provide this full spectrum of manufacturing service. Prototyping services is integral to our vision of collaborating with customers to develop and realize products. This vision sets K-Form apart from our competitors.

Prototype services take concept design into production


Prototyping requires a different skill set than production manufacturing. Prototyping requires quick problem solving by multidisciplinary people. Every job is a different project. Effective quality control may require special plans to test form, fit, and function during the manufacturing process. Lead times may be very tight. Open communication with customers is critical. Design issues often present themselves. K-Form meets these challenges every day. We take pride in watching a product develop and mature.

Big or Small

K-Form provides prototyping services to customers both big and small. We have worked with individual entrepreneurs whose efforts grew into large organizations. We have worked with top tier Aerospace and Defense contractors. K-Form has provided design and manufacturing insight while on multi-enterprise teams for public sector customers. The power is in execution. Prototyping requires tight design and manufacturing integration.


Feedback on prototype parts can speed the design evolution to mature, stable production parts. We are happy to collaborate with customers communicating possible improvements and cost savings. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is in our DNA. Minor changes often yield massive savings over the complete product lifecycle. Since prototyping services are one of our specializations, feedback comes more naturally.

Comprehensive In-house Capabilities

We are more than a machine shop. K-Form offers a wide range of capabilities in-house from fabrication to sourcing. This scope allows K-Form prototyping services to manufacture critical projects without quality issues or delays. We complete many prototype projects from raw material to finished product.

Sourcing Experience

Decades of low volume manufacturing and product development have given K-Form an enormous depth of available resources for special process execution. If a prototyping project requires a manufacturing process outside of our in-house capabilities, we select an appropriate provider from an approved database.

Sourcing Advantages

  • Complete Complex Projects
  • Consolidate Vendor Quality
  • Implement Comprehensive Quality Plans