Sheet Metal Fabrication

K-Form provides precision sheet metal fabrication. Based in Sterling Virginia, we are conveniently located to serve the Washington D.C. Metro Area (DMV). We combine experienced fabricators with “state of the art” technology. K-Form features a wide range of fabrication capabilities.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

The Sheet Metal Process

Technology allows K-Form to streamline the sheet metal fabrication process. SolidWorks unfolds the sheet metal model to generate a flat pattern. The software applies bend deductions precisely matched to our tooling. CAM software generates tool paths for CNC machines. K-Form has a variety of sheet metal cutting processes. We choose the right CNC machine based on thickness, quantity, and quality. Sheet metal prototypes are suited for laser cutting. Quantity volumes are suited for the turret punch press. K-Form sheet metal fabrication services also include CNC forming, finishing, welding, painting, assembly, and more.

Sheet Metal Prototypes

Many fabricators shy away from prototypes. Manufacturing single parts requires lean processes and experienced personnel. Our services scale from prototype to production.

Single Source Sheet Metal Shop

We fabricate precise parts for the scientific community. We fabricate welded assemblies (weldments) cut from thick plate using our water jet. K-Form offers a single-source approach for customer fabrication needs. Why manage separate vendors for every process? K-Form also offers CNC machining services. We evolve with customer needs. Providing a complete manufacturing solution is our goal.

Sheet Metal Chassis Fabrication

K-Form specializes in manufacturing electronics enclosures. Our in-house capabilities are vertically integrated to blank, form, weld, finish, paint, and assemble without leaving the facility. This integration provides faster deliveries with higher quality results.

AWS D17.1 Certified Welding

Our welding staff hold certificates for Aerospace welding. K-Form fabricators and welders can complete third-party certified assemblies. K-Form has experience ranging from precision aluminum welding to heavier stainless steel assemblies.